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A selection of my favourite work created for Beavertown Brewery during my time as External Comms and PR Manager. I wrote copy for press releases, social media, campaigns, blogs, email newsletters, product and e-commerce.

The Beavertown Transmission Newsletter

I implemented and lead on the creation of Beavertown's first consumer facing email newsletter. In the monthly blast of all things Beavertown, I also wrote a fiction sci-fi serial relating to the hero product of each campaign. Here are a few of my favourites...

Nanobot Interactive Story

For the launch of Beavertown's Super Session IPA, Nanobot, I wrote the script for an interactive 'Choose Your Destiny' style game, designed for Twitter. Working with the Creative Director, we created a storyboard and collaborated with an external animation agency to bring the story to life. One of my favourite pieces of creative copywriting in my portfolio, this project was really fun to work on!


A selection of pieces for Beavertown's online blog. I regularly interviewed key members of the team, updated on projects and launches, and created a 'Brewer's Spotlight' series following team members as they travelled to beer festivals across the world.


For Beavertown's 8th Birthday Celebration I produced, shot and edited a short film documenting the collaboration brew days between the Beavertown team and visiting breweries, with just a DSLR and a tiny mic! I'm really proud of this project, it was a lot of fun to make and I think it captures the welcoming spirit of the Beavertown team.

During Lockdown, we put together a video with Founder and CEO of Beavertown, Logan Plant. Logan recorded himself via Zoom (so on trend, right?) and I cut the video down to a 20 minute tasting session for viewers to enjoy at home. Working with the Creative Director, we added some cool animated transitions. I like the rough 'n' ready, YouTube vlogger vibe, I feel like it captures how much we had to adapt and make do in the height of lockdown.

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