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Feature Articles

I specialise in health, lifestyle and sustainability content; below showcases a selection of published features. For further writing samples, check out my Muck Rack profile here.


Staff Writer and former Social Media Executive for leading UK health website, Patient.


What an abnormal smear test result could mean


Routine cervical screening is the most effective way to prevent cervical cancer. But what happens when you get an 'abnormal' result?

Image by Kristian Angelo

What is social prescribing - can it improve your health?


'Social prescribing' enables healthcare professionals to refer people to local, non-clinical services.

Image by Thought Catalog

Should you avoid the pill if you get migraines?


Migraine sufferers with aura are told to avoid the combined oral contraceptive pill because of a slightly increased risk of stroke. Is this still the case? 


Do you have an anger problem?


How can we tell the difference between a healthy expression of frustration and an ongoing problem? 

Image by Amy Murrell

How to have an eco-friendly period


Disposable pads and tampons generate more than 200,000 tonnes of waste per year, it's time to bleed sustainably.

Image by Christopher Vega

Is plastic affecting our health?


We're all aware of the growing threat of plastic pollution and its negative impact on the environment, but what about the effects on our health? 

For further writing samples, check out my Muck Rack profile here.
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